Arboriculture including Tree Lopping

Professional Tree Lopping around the Southern Highlands including Mittagong & Bowral

Don’t wait till it’s too late to protect your property and family from falling trees. Our Pre-storm tree checklist includes overall health check of large trees and vegetation removal of over hanging branches and limbs, removal of dangerous trees, trimming and stump grinding and a complete risk assessment.

Southern Highlands Tree Services has the resources at hand to complete any job, large or small including difficult trees in confined spaces. Our expertise with trees will help improve your property. Our range of services includes tree lopping, tree removal, topiary, stump grinding, as well as landscaping projects.

Regular pruning of branches or parts of a tree is advised to improve the growth or health of a tree. Pruning of dead limbs prevents moisture penetration weakening trees from the inside.

Before you contact Southern Highlands Tree Services, you’ll need have the necessary tree removal  permits from your local council. Every council has guidelines on both stump removal and tree removal, and should be able to advise you on whether or not you require a permit for tree or stump removal.

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